Better Gear Better Photos?

Hello LCC members,

It seems like my e-mail lately has been filled with announcements about the newest gear. All of the stuff starts off with the promise of better this or that more features better video etc etc.

But you know what?

Here is the bottom line most every camera on the market today captures high quality images. Why do I say that well it is a fact if Canon,Nikon,Pentax,Sony and the list goes on did not capture great images they would go out of business. That’s right it is a business that has to ride that perpetual circle of more, better and faster.

But, you must ask yourself how much more, better and faster do you really need?

The camera is just a tool like a paintbrush and it is your hands, eyes and brain that make it work. My point here is that in my opinion you are much better off to invest your additional $$$ in books, photo work shops, classes or post processing software.

Much of what I have learned up to this point has been from books and attending photo work shops and various classes.

Some helpful books I can suggest are:

All books by Bryan Peterson many of which are available at the Palm Beach County Library. His books are written in an easy to understand format without getting too technical.

For Black & White photo techniques and processing I can recommend From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black and White Conversion Technique Known to Man by Vincent Versace

Books by Scott Kelby are great sources for knowledge and techniques.

Books by Nicole S Young are inspirational and have great tips on improving your photography.

Books by Moose Peterson which is a great wildlife photographer.

There are lots more great books these are just a few that have been helpful to me in my photographic journey.

” it’s more than just the gear it is also what’s between your ears that can make a great difference in your photography”


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About Photography By Steve daPonte

Florida Native with a love for the sights and sounds around us that are often overlooked. Welcome to Photography By Steve daPonte The world around us is full of images that are dynamic and ever changing with time. Photography captures these little slices of time, moments that pass mostly unoticed and taken for granted in our daily lives. Every photograph a visual story of life and being alive in a glorious world of line, space, color and motion.

3 thoughts on “Better Gear Better Photos?

  1. Steve—-what you said is excellent. Too often we get caught up in gear technology and forget it is about the fun of making photographs. I go to the library for books and got the Scott Kelby books on Digital Photography and on Photoshop Elements 9. In fact I liked them so much I bought my own personal copies to have always close at hand. That being said I did manage to acquire some new gear—an additional circular polarizer for one of my lenses and a small Think Tank memory card wallet. And—-I am still lusting after a 10-20 mm Sigma lens and the temptation to order it grows stronger daily. Jerry. .


  2. Jerry, buy that lens! I have it and it almost never leaves my camera!

    Steve, you’re quiet correct here. While I know a new piece of gear won’t make me a better photographer, I still want a new mirror less system as I tire of lugging the dslr and what not.
    That said, I have begun to really turn my attention towards film and especially love the really nice used equipment that can be had for a song these days. Additionally most/llof the lenses from the 35mm days still work on my Nikon dslr…bonus!


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