LCC Info for Jan – Feb 2022

Our next meeting:   will be on Tuesday, January 11, 2022; 6:00 pm at the North Palm Beach Library.  We are always looking for New Members, so, bring along a friend or two!  

            DUES ARE DUE:   $$  We need to track who is or is not a paid member for administrative purposes, so please remember that our DUES ARE DUE at the January meeting.   Dues are $30.00 for the year for a Member or $50.00, for a couple/family, to include your spouse, child, or significant other.  We also request that you fill out the Member Survey (it can be filled out on line, saved with a new name, and returned to Jeff by email or print and bring to the meeting with your check for dues. 

               QUESTIONS ANSWERED:   We will provide some time to answer questions on your Camera, Lenses, composition and Post Processing at the January Meeting!    

Please, for your safety, with the increase in Covid we ask you all to wear masks at our meeting!

Administrative Announcements. 

  • We have a new President.  Dina Biblin has been appointed by the Vice President (Jeff Ornstein) per our By Laws, to fill in for the retiring Sandy Effertz and we believe that Dina will be a great asset for the Club.  We had our first board meeting with Dina at the helm and will report on what we did at our next Club meeting. 
  • WE NEED YOUR IMAGES FOR OUR CLUB MEETINGS!Our monthly theme for January is STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. All members can submit up to five or six (5 – 6) images for the slide show.  We will be posting our slide show on a regular basis, after each Club Meeting, on our Lighthouse Camera Club Website and out Facebook page.   Please send your images to Jeff Ornstein or Steve daPonte (he will forward to Jeff) at 72 dpi, with the long side at 1200 pixels (same as always); DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING is 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, January 9.
Altering an Image and Critiquing.  We think we all had fun with this segment, so we will be featuring it at our Club Meetings.      

Altering an Image:           Attached is an image that you can Alter any way you want (get creative). You can alter color, composition, add items, remove items or any other thing you can think of!  Don’t be intimidated; just TRY with whatever software you have (even Microsoft Paint!) and have a little fun with it.  After Altering just send back to me; you can do more than One!   We want your participation!

Critiquing an Image:       Members may send me ONE image, each month, which they would like Critiqued (constructive comments only); these will be shown on the screen and the members will make their comments. These will be anonymous – no personal identification on the photograph.  This is fun and educational!  We had a great time with this in December.  We suggest strongly that every member planning to attend participate in this opportunity to improve your photography and learn from others’ photos, to reap the benefits.


  • SLIDE SHOWS. We enjoy an interesting slide show, if you have one to share.  Should you need assistance in preparing your photographs to create a slide show, we can show you how it is done.

UPCOMING EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS.    Mark your calendars! 

January 15, 2022, 9:00 am.  The Club’s annual field trip to the Palm Beach Zoo!  Number of Members is limited but we still have about 5 openings left.  You must sign up by responding to me.   If you are registered to join us, you must be there at 9:00 am SHARP……..once we get in as a group you will not be able to get in for free.  REQUIREMENT:  After the Field Trip each Member will send me 10-12 images for the Poster that we produce for the Zoo and for a slide show that we will also give to the Zoo.

January 26, 6:00 pm at the NPB Library,  Linda Brinckerhoff will conduct a hands on Class on PORTRAITS. We will have stations set up and Models. Bring your Cameras and tripods!   And please let us know if you are coming so we can plan. 

February 23, 6:00 pm at the NPB Library we will conduct a STILL LIFE class. Again we will have station set up so make sure you have you cameras, close-up lenses and tri-pods.


January 29, 2022: 11am – 2 pm at Anchorage Park.   HOT CARS & CHILI ‘ ANNUAL CAR SHOW.  North Palm Beach Recreation Department will hold their annual open car show this year on Saturday January 29, 2022. This is a great event that draws lots of classic cars out to the park for the community to enjoy and for Lighthouse Camera Club members to take some photos for the February theme which is CARS.   This year’s car show will be held from 11am – 2pm at  Anchorage Park. 

February 12 or 19th (TBD) – Visit to David Scarola Gallery in North Palm Beach (Lou Mark chairing this event). 

April, 2022 (TBD) – Visit to Wakodahatchee to view and photograph new baby birds and other wildlife of interest. 

If you know of a Photo Shoot or are planning a Photo Outing, please let me know and I will forward to the Club Members and you might get some company again, all very informal.