Next Club Meeting Tuesday October 11

To the Lighthouse  Camera Club Members:         

As you will see from the below upcoming events, your Board of Directors has been busy planning programs and learning topics for the coming year….

REMINDER!   Our Next meeting is October 11 (Tuesday) at the NPB Library.   But we haven’t received your monthly themed photos yet!  

We will need your images for TRAVEL  by Sunday night, Oct. 9,  

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING is 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, October 9.  The Alter Image for OCTOBER

Travel pictures don’t necessarily have to be pictures of TRAVEL per se, but feel free to share you favorite captures of what you saw wherever you roamed over the past year.    

All members can submit up to six (6) images based on the monthly THEME  for the slide show we present at each meeting.   

Also, please send us your ALTER IMAGES (pictures you have altered in any way you choose, using the photo attachment to this email (ALTER IMAGE), and any image that you would like us to anonymously CRITIQUE.  As always, please send your images to Jeff (email above) or Steve DaPonte (he will forward to Jeff) at 72 dpi, with the long side at 1200 pixels (same as always).  

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** *


VIDEOS of your Travel Pictures, show Alter Image creations, and also critiques for those who submit them.  Our SPEAKER for the October 11 meeting will be Vasi Siedman, who specializes in photographing pets.  This should be a fun program with tips on how to do your own pet photos.  Vasi’s website can be found at:  

          After watching Vasi’s presentation, start practicing with animals and your own pets for the Theme for January which will be (you guessed it!)  PETS!  Those without pets at home, try going to the West Palm Beach Green Market on Saturdays.  You will see LOTS of cute pets. 

We will talk about a Lighthouse Camera Club Photo Contest with no frames, just prints.  And, one of our members suggested we come up with a Club “Project” in addition to our regular projects, such as the Zoo Poster (a visit to be scheduled this coming October).  Think of some ideas for themes for such a project or what to do with it?  Donate to a charitable organization connected with the theme?  Create a book?  If time permits, maybe more Photography Trivia?  

As always, your QUESTIONS will be ANSWERED.   We try to provide time to answer questions on your Camera, Lenses, composition and Post Processing at every meeting, so bring your questions and your suggestions for other presentations from our group of experienced photographers and other local experts.   

For those of you who also connect with our FACEBOOK page, Steve DaPonte recently posted a link to a mini-learning Video about use of Histogram and Exposing To The Right.  Take a look.  He will be talking more about this and showing the Video at the November Club Meeting.   

                We ask you to wear masks at our meeting if you feel more comfortable!


            ROCKY NOOK is the finest photography book publisher in the world and we are fortunate to have a very long and great relationship with them. As you have seen from the books Jeff and others have brought to the Club, the quality and information can’t be beat! Jeff Ornstein, our Vice President and Energizer Bunny, does book reviews for their new books.  Jeff urges you all to go on their website at to check out the books. ALSO! Our club members get a 35% discount by using the code LCC35.

Mark your Calendars for these Upcoming Events. 

November 16  Club Meeting (Wednesday)  Note that we moved date to the following Wednesday for this particular Club meeting.  Our speaker will be Julio DiCastro  His website can be found on Facebook.  (Against the Wind Images).  The Photo Theme for November will be MUSIC.  We also anticipate a Mini Learning Session with our In House Photography Consultant, Steve DaPonte.  He and other in house experts will provide their suggestions for using your Histogram Reading and respond to other questions related to setting up your camera for best lighting .

December 13 (Tuesday) Club Meeting.  The theme for photos this month will be FAMILY OR MEMBERS CHOICE.  Our speaker will be Bobby Wummar who photographs on landscape,  wildlife, and lightning, among other things, and enjoys answering your questions about how he uses lighting, and prepares for the excellent photographs he has captured.  We hope you will be there to hear this interesting speaker.  We might even have a little Holiday party if the Library allows. Details forthcoming.

January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) Club Meeting.  Our theme this month will be PETS and we will be planning for our annual outing at the Palm Beach Zoo.  We also plan to have a Workshop in January with Linda Brinckerhoff, a professional member who specializes in Still Life and, as you recall from last year, Portrait Photography.   She will share her tips for Still Life and we will have opportunities to work with her settings later that month, date to be scheduled. 

February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) Club meeting.  Might be rescheduled if Valentine’s Day plans conflict for most members.  Theme for February is Doors, Windows, and Gates. 

March, 2023.  The theme for March is Sunrises and Sunsets.  Plans in the works for a Lighthouse Camera Club Picnic.

See you soon.

Dina Biblin, LCC President

Jeff Ornstein, LCC Vice-President

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