REMINDER TO ALL MEMBERS AND THOSE WHO WANT TO JOIN US. Meeting tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 6 pm at the NPB Library on Anchorage Drive. If you want to join the club, please come so you can register with us and pay annual dues ($30).

NEXT week on Feb. 22 we will have a speaker, Julie Adair King, who has written several Photography for Dummies Books. She is an engaging and funny speaker who is an excellent instructor. next week’s topic will be: “What’s Wrong with this Photo and How to Fix It”. Join tonight and you can attend next week!

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About Photography By Steve daPonte

Florida Native with a love for the sights and sounds around us that are often overlooked. Welcome to Photography By Steve daPonte The world around us is full of images that are dynamic and ever changing with time. Photography captures these little slices of time, moments that pass mostly unoticed and taken for granted in our daily lives. Every photograph a visual story of life and being alive in a glorious world of line, space, color and motion.

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