OUR NEXT MEETING is  April 11  (Tuesday) at 6:00 pm at the NPB LibraryYour photos for the April meeting are due this coming Sunday, April 9. 

     Our speaker at the April 11 meeting will be Scott Joshua Dere, who will discuss his landscape photography and his other fabulous work. 


You can view some of his work and learn more about Scott and how he came into photography as a profession at:


The theme for the April meeting  is “BIRDS” and we look forward to seeing your creations.

Your photographs in .jpg format 1200 px Longside 72dpi are due to Jeff Ornstein by Sunday, April 9.

We also need your Alter Images (the April alter- Image is here for download )



and any you would like your colleagues to Critique.  All members can submit up to six (6) images based on the monthly THEME  for the slide show we present at each meeting.   

As always, please send your images to Jeff (email above) or Steve DaPonte (he will forward to Jeff) at 72 dpi, with the long side at 1200 pixels (same as always).  DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING is 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, April 9, 2023. 

At the April 11 meeting, we also will attempt to have mini-lessons on upcoming theme topics, such as the use of “Long Exposure”, which will be the theme for your May photograph submissions for the Club. image003

The Club membership also should discuss best possible date and location for our Club picnic and we NEED VOLUNTEERS to help with the Picnic and to photograph various events for the Village of NPB.  Please bring questions about photography skills and or equipment to this meeting so our more experienced photographers can answer them for you.


For those who have not yet renewed your membership for 2023.  At the upcoming meeting, please bring a check payable to Lighthouse Camera Club for your dues or we will remove you from our email lists and programs.   Please include your email address and your membership application so we can update our records.  The application is here MEMBERSHIP FORM.  If you do it on your computer, RESAVE it with your name_LCC .pdf and send it to

GROUP EVENT PLANNING      If anybody wants to go with others as a group to photograph any scene, put your notice on our FaceBook Page or respond to Jeff and Dina, so we can post it.  Juno Beach Pier always good for sunrises.  A west side of Palm Beach Island alongside the bridges also makes for good Sunset photography with the skyline in front.  Birds are easy to find at Wakodahatchee and Green Cay.  Long Exposure and WEATHER are upcoming topics.  Sometimes, filming at a beach when a storm is on the way can make for beautiful photos.  We are still working on a date to visit Busch Wildlife Center as a group.

Recap  What’s coming to the Lighthouse Camera Club?  

  • On Tuesday, April 11, our speaker will be Scott Joshua Dere.  (Take a look at his portfolio at this website:  See above for description of the meeting.  Including, planning the Club Picnic.

Since this is the week to ask the “Four Questions” (for those who celebrate Passover), some of you may ask this question:

 What do we mean by “Long Exposure”?.  

  Long exposure refers to a technique where you keep the shutter open for an unusually long period of time. So instead of capturing an image in a split second, you trigger the shutter button and wait – often for minutes or even hours – until the exposure is finished!  Using this technique you can capture lights moving along a highway or along the intracoastal on a dark night, or to capture motion.  Many of us use it for photographing lightning or Fireworks at the 4th of July.  An example, in the picture at left, you capture the movement of the clouds and the water while the rocks remain still.

A good article with tips for using Long Exposure is at the Digital Photography School Website:

  • On Tuesday, May 9, our tentative speaker/presenter is award-winning photo journalist Dave Burnett, who resides in Washington DC and Palm Beach Gardens.  To find out more about Dave, take a look at this video:    He will inspire us.  As discussed above, the May theme will be photography with Long Exposure.

  • Tuesday June 13, speaker TBD.  The theme for June is OBJECTS IN MOTION.  You can even try using your long exposure techniques for this monthly assignment!

If you have particular topics you want us to discuss at our club meetings, please reply by return email to Jeff Ornstein and Dina Biblin (

See you next week,

Dina and Jeff

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