On One Perfect Photo Suite 8 Tutorial #3


In this tutorial we will replace the background, add a new background, crop the photo, make some adjustments in the Effects module adding Dynamic Contrast and Sharpening.

If you would like to download a free trial version it is available at this link

On One Perfect Photo Suite 8

If you have questions email: lighthousecameraclub@gmail.com


On One Software?

Hello Club Members,

Lately quite a few members have been asking questions about On One Perfect Photo Suite  8 software. Jerry Mendelsberg asked about the cropping tool and other members have asked about the features and how easy is it to use.

Here are a couple of videos that will be posted here and also shown at the club meetings to demonstrate the power and features of On One Perfect Photo Suite 8.

Shortly we will also do a series of videos about Adobe Lightroom as well so stay tuned! Send any questions or comments you have about either On One Perfect Photo Suite 8 or Adobe Light Room to lighthousecameraclub@gmail.com