Lighthouse Camera Club – Learning Opportunities Second Session

Hello LCC members,

The second session will be tomorrow evening  February 28, 2018 AT 6:00 PM

This class will cover the following:

  • Recap of session one
  • Camera Metering Modes
  • The Histogram
  • White Balance
  • RAW vs. JPEG
  • Digital Photo Management and Demo of On1 Photo Raw 2018

Bring your camera!!!!!

There was a signup sheet presented at the February club meeting and so far we have 21 signed up!

Class Fee

Lighthouse Camera Club Members:  No Charge

Non-Members: $20.00 (Includes 2018 club membership) Please RSVP seats are limited.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Steve daPonte

1 thought on “Lighthouse Camera Club – Learning Opportunities Second Session

  1. I would like to invite your members to a Conservation Photography Workshop: Exploring the Kissimmee River at Riverwoods Field Lab on April 14th in the afternoon from 3:00-7:00pm.
    I sent an email to Steve daPonte with the workshop flyer with all the program details.

    We are located approx., 2 hrs NW on Highway 98 on the Kissimmee River midway between Sebring and Okeechobee. I am working with local Conservation Photographer, Dustin Angell, who will lead the workshop.

    For more info about Riverwoods Programs and the Kissimmee River Restoration, please check out my website below. Please confirm and let me know if you will be able to share this invitation with your members?

    Thank you!!

    Loisa Kerwin
    Riverwoods Field Lab, Director
    Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies (CES)
    CES Asst. Director
    863/462-0025 Office
    863/801-5145 Cell


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