Track A – History of Street Photography, Part 1

Great site about the history of street photography.

Raw, Naked Art

As indicated in the Introduction, this is Track A (History of Street Photography). Track B (Art of Composition and the Composition of Art) will start in the near future. You can find a link to the posts already written to date on The Art of Street Photography page in the header above.

Part 1 – The Evolution of Street

When María and I sat out to begin documenting the history of street photography, after some discussion, we realized that given the great variation in the art form, it was best to begin a discussion of what street photography is by looking at its pioneers and the work they created. In this chapter, we’ll touch on some of the acclaimed masters and tell you a bit about them and their work. We won’t do much analysis of their work here; that’s probably best served by looking at one photographer at…

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About Photography By Steve daPonte

Florida Native with a love for the sights and sounds around us that are often overlooked. Welcome to Photography By Steve daPonte The world around us is full of images that are dynamic and ever changing with time. Photography captures these little slices of time, moments that pass mostly unoticed and taken for granted in our daily lives. Every photograph a visual story of life and being alive in a glorious world of line, space, color and motion.

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