Monthly Photo Assignment for January 2021 is ABSTRACT

Due to the current Covid-19 situation

Assignment pictures are currently submitted through the Private Group on facebook or you can e-mail them to They must be sized 1200 on the long side and 72DPI 

You must be dues paying member of the Lighthouse Camera Club, North Palm Beach Florida.

January 2021 Photo Assignment – ABSTRACT

Up to 6-Pictures and must be sized 1200 on the long side and resolution of 72dpi At the end of the month 3-images from each submission will be used to create a video slideshow and put on the clubs Youtube channel.

Here’s the link to the Album for December Assignment REFLECTIONS

Here’s the link if your not in the Facebook Group Yet

Thank you,

Steve daPonte ~ LCC Media Support

The photo submissions should be images shot Dec 2020 – 2021 as these are photo assignments.

The only exception is members choice show us your favorite subjects

List of Photo Assignments for 2021

January – Abstract

February – Architecture

March- Low Perspective

April – Textures

May – Forms In Nature

June – Members Choice

July – Skies

August – Water

September – Members Choice

October – Color – Orange

November – Negative Space

December – Shiny Objects


Here is a post from my site

Photography by Steve daPonte

What’s your creative vision?

Vision takes form as multiple sensations that can be manifested in the reality of here and now or in an imagined place. A concept or idea that has yet to be brought into existence by a brief or sustained burst of creative energy contained within all of us. So hard-fought and time intensive it seems to enter this place of creative vision with all that confronts us in our everyday lives.

The reality is the biggest obstacle to creativity is our own inner critic that beats us over the head with doubt, shame and basic negative trash. You drive the creative bus and whatever stops you choose along the way and whom ever you choose to come along for the ride is ultimately your choice. By that same logic start kicking off your riders that have been riding for far too long. You know who they are…

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