Upcoming Exhibits

Currently we have two upcoming exhibits and I strongly encourage you all to show your work.


Because your work should be shared and showed if you desire to do so.

The upcoming exhibits at the Town of Jupiter and Palm Beach State College Eissey Theater are a great opportunity. The best part of participating in exhibits such as these is the experience of displaying your work.

I know, you may say to yourself “but my photos are not good enough”.

How do you know that?

Have you submitted images to Jeff or brought in a print for critique at one of our club meetings?

If the answer is NO then you really do not know. My point here, it is very important as a photographer to have your work critiqued.

The benefits critique process:

  • Gives you insight into something you may have overlooked in your photo.
  • Is a learning experience and will help you grow as an artist and photographer.
  • The constructive feedback will help improve your images.
  • Bottom line it is a fun learning experience.

In my next post I will talk about where you can get your photos printed and a great place to order basic frames and mats.

Please feel free to leave questions or comments here on the site or e-mail them to lighthousecameraclub@gmail.com

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