ON 1 Photo Raw 2018 Image Example

Hello LCC members,

ON1 Photo Raw is a very easy to use powerful set of post processing tools with versatility that continues to improve with each new release.

Don’t  place limits upon your photography, never think it’s too bright too dark or too anything else. Take the chance and experiment!

For this image I used the Sony a6500 in Aperture Priority and the metering mode set to meter for Highlights. If I was using my Canon camera I would have used Spot or partial metering.

The first image is the meta data.
The Second is the Raw Straight Outta Camera.
The Third is the Final Processed Image.
The post processing was done with ON1 Photo Raw 2018
I have included images of the settings in the Develop Module and the LUTs used in the Effects Module.

Here’s the Meta Data

Here’s the RAW unprocessed image.

Here are the Settings used in ON1 Develop Module 

The Develop Module is almost always the first place you should start when editing an image.

Here are the Settings used in ON1 Effects Module

I used two different LUTs on this image for coloring.

What are LUTs?

A LUT is a file that transforms one range of colors in an image to another range of colors. Traditionally they have been used in the film industry to give films a unique look and feel. Terms like Blockbuster look or 3 Stripe look are often used to describe them. More recently though, LUTs are being used in photography.

Here’s a link for more about LUTs 

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Steve daPonte

Last Saturdays Printer Class

Hello LCC members,
The print workshop last Saturday was awesome!

Thank you! Paul Rampolla and Don Hamilton for organizing the event with Bedford Camera, Canon and Hahnemuhle Fine art photo papers.


The class was very well done and packed with information on how to get the best results when printing images.


Photo Credit: Don Lacy


The  Hahnemuhle paper presentation was fantastic! We all learned that choosing the right paper type that suits your image is an important part of printing.

Photo Credit: Don Lacy

Photo Credit: Don Lacy

Each class participant was able to have 2-images printed with the Canon PRO-1000 or Pro-10 on Hahnemuhle paper. 
For those who were not there there are some special offers on the Cannon PRO-1000 and PRO-10 printers that cannot be beat. The Pro-1000 prints media up to 17″ wide and the PRO-10 prints up to 13×19 these special deals are available through Bedford Camera.
As well Steve Elkins VP of Bedford Camera also gave the club a discount code which is good for 5% off cameras and accessories.
Please contact me lighthousecameraclub@gmail.com for discount code.

This was a great event and the club looks forward to doing more events like this in the future.


Last Nights Learning Session and On1 Introduction

Hello LCC members,

Last night we had about 25 members in attendance for the introduction to some of the features in On1 Photo Raw 2018. We demonstrated Exporting and touched on the Develop Module.

In the next session scheduled for Wed April 25 at 6pm we will have a short recap of last session. Then we will dive a little deeper into the Develop Module, Targeted Adjustments, Adjustment Masks and if time allows jump into the Effects Module.

If you have a laptop computer with ON1 installed you can bring it and follow along.

There will be a sign up sheet presented at the April 10 general club meeting.

Here is another before and after example all processing was done in the Develop and Effects Module. I replaced a sky without using the Layers Module.

RAW Photo before processing


Photo after processing in ON1

If you have questions they can be e-mailed to lighthousecameraclub@gmail.com


Steve daPonte