It’s time to renew your membership to, (or join!) the Lighthouse Camera Club. 

It’s time to renew your membership to, (or join!) the Lighthouse Camera Club

At the upcoming January 10 meeting, we will have some mini educational discussions and will be collecting your dues.  It is $30 for individual memberships and $50 for a couple.  Please bring your checks payable to Lighthouse Camera Club to the January 10 meeting at 6:00 pm at the NPB Library

The dues are important to us, as they pay for our LCC events and speakers.  And we have some good ones coming up!  You will not be able to attend our workshops unless your dues are paid for this year.    

The theme for January is “PETS” and we all look forward to seeing your creations.  Photos are due to Jeff Ornstein by Sunday, January 8. 

2023 List of monthly photo themes

On Wednesday, January 18, Dan Frankian from will be here to talk about his birds of prey, show his photographs, and might be bringing an owl for us to photograph, so bring your cameras to this workshop. 

Our February Club Meeting will be pushed from our regular Tuesday meeting to Wednesday Feb. 15 because the second Tuesday falls on Valentine’s Day and your officers will be stuffing themselves with chocolate!  

On Wednesday, February 22, photographer and author Julie Adair King will be speaking about composition and showing us how to use layers to correct photographs, will discuss best tips for capturing moving objects, and correcting your photographs.  She is a great source for answering questions about features on your Nikon and Canon cameras (she has written several guidebooks on those models). See, e.g., 

More information coming to you soon from your Board of Directors.


Dina Biblin, President

Lighthouse Camera Club

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Florida Native with a love for the sights and sounds around us that are often overlooked. Welcome to Photography By Steve daPonte The world around us is full of images that are dynamic and ever changing with time. Photography captures these little slices of time, moments that pass mostly unoticed and taken for granted in our daily lives. Every photograph a visual story of life and being alive in a glorious world of line, space, color and motion.

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