Why Post Process? Part 3

Hello LCC members,

If you missed  Part 1 This is the link

If you missed Part 2 This is the link

In this post I will show an example of using bracketed photos to create a HDR image.

I know, you may be saying HDR looks awful there is a glow around the edges and the colors look like a cartoon.

Yes, it can look that way if that is what the photographers artistic intentions are and that’s ok. I myself do not like my images to look like a cartoon but keep an open mind when viewing others work.

The first step is to set your camera to aperture priority there a post here aperture priority.

The second step set your camera to bracket exposure if you do not know how to you will need to consult your camera manual. Photomatix Pro suggests a bracket of 3 shots spaced at -2 0 +2

But, if your are using a camera that supports 1/3 Stop increments. I suggest between 5 and 9 shots spaced 1/3 stops apart.

Yes, by all means shoot in RAW not JPG

With your camera on a tripod shoot away.

Heres an example that is 5 shots spaced 1/3 stop ( -2/3 -1/3  0  +1/3  +2/3 )

Click on the gallery below ↓ to view the images larger.


Below ↓ is the result out of Photomatix Pro

No other adjustment have been made yet other than blending the exposures with Photomatix Pro.


Below  ↓ is the result out of Aurora HDR

In this image look at the foamy tide line  front of image center. Aurora did not do as good a job de-ghosting the image. This is why there are two partial foamy lines in front of the main one.


I decided to use the image blended by Photomatix Pro in this case because of little to no ghosting.

I then sent the image to ON1 Raw and used the effects module.

Below ↓ is the result out of ON1 Raw

The Effects used were Dynamic Contrast, Sharpening, Clarity and a small touch of Grunge.

If any members are interested in a class or a demo of post processing please let me or one of the other club board members know.


Comments or questions please leave them below.


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