Tips and Info On Frames and Mats

Hello LCC members,

With the upcoming exhibit at the PBSC Eissey Theater here are some helpful tips about frames and mats.

I purchase my frames and mats from Jerry’s Artarama. They have a local store but they stock limited size choices. They also have an in house framing dept that can make custom sizes and cut custom mats.

I have always ordered them online and they typically arrive in about a 7-10 Days. Jerry’s customer service is excellent!

Here are the Links to the Frames and Mats I buy. It is really simple to pick the frame and mat you need for the frame with the handy size charts. Just remember to pick the frame color first then find the size you need for your photo print size i.e 8 x 10, 11 x 14, 13 x19 etc.

Link to the Page with the Frames I use Ambiance Gallery Wood Frames

Link to the Page with the Mats I use Ambiance Conservation Mat Board