Upcoming LCC Club Member Events

We have a speaker on Wednesday, January 18, at 6:00 pm at NPB Library, so please attend.   The speaker is DAN FRANKIAN, who is a falconer and works with Busch Wildlife, as well as his own business, to train birds of prey.  

He is also an expert photographer with great stories about his adventures.  He will be bringing an owl with him, so bring your cameras.   Here is a link to find information about Dan’s business in Canada and his website, www.Hawekeye.ca.  .  https://www.hawkeye.ca/dan-frankian-biography   

NOTE: To participate in LCC Club events you must have a valid club  membership.

How to Join the Lighthouse Camera Club



Also – we need a few photographers at the Hot Cars and Chili festival  on January 28 at Anchorage Park.  

The event starts around noon, and the Village Recreations Department wants some specific photos from our group for their newsletter.   If you can make it from 12 until around 4:30 (the awards photos will be taken at 3:30), please let Dina know (LitigatorBarbie@comcast.net) and she will provide further instructions on the types of photos they want.

We will attempt to include a slideshow  of the pictures you Car Photographers will take at the show at our February meeting, along with the Doors, Gates, and Windows (the February theme).   (Car windows could be rather interesting as well. )


It’s time to renew your membership to, (or join!) the Lighthouse Camera Club

At the upcoming January 10 meeting, we will have some mini educational discussions and will be collecting your dues.  For all members and new members, the price remains as $30 for individual memberships and $50 for a couple.  Please bring your checks payable to Lighthouse Camera Club to the January 10 meeting at 6:00 pm at the NPB Library.  The dues are important to us, as they pay for our LCC events and speakers.  And we have some good ones coming up!  You will not be able to attend our workshops unless your dues are paid for this year.   The membership application form is here 2023 Membership Application.  You can print and fill it out at home and bring with you to the meeting.  You can also use the “fill in” form and do it on your home computer, SAVE it once filled in as a new document (e.g. “Yourname LCC Application.pdf”), print, and return it at the meeting.     

Theme for January 2023 is Pets

The theme for January is “PETS” and we all look forward to seeing your creations.  Photo PDFs are due to Jeff Ornstein by Sunday, January 8.  We also need your Alter Images (the January Alter Image is attached to this email) and any you would like your colleagues to Critique.  All members can submit up to six (6) images based on the monthly THEME  for the slide show we present at each meeting.   


As always, please send your images to Jeff (email above) or Steve DaPonte (he will forward to Jeff) at 72 dpi, with the long side at 1200 pixels (same as always).  

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING is 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, January 8.

  • On Wednesday, January 18, Dan Frankian will be here to talk about his birds of prey, show his photographs, and might be bringing an owl for us to photograph, so bring your cameras to this workshop. 

What’s coming up? 

  • Saturday, January 21, FIELD TRIP.   North Palm Beach Hot Cars and Chili Festival at Anchorage Park –NPB wants photographers to give them some photos for their website. 
  • We are looking for a date to schedule a field trip to Busch Wildlife again, possibly in late February. 
  • Our February Club Meeting will be pushed from our regular Tuesday meeting to Wednesday Feb. 15 because the second Tuesday falls on Valentine’s Day and your officers will be stuffing themselves with chocolate!  
  • On Wednesday, February 22, photographer and author Julie Adair King will be speaking about composition and showing us how to use layers to correct photographs, will discuss best tips for capturing moving objects, and correcting your photographs.  She is a great source for answering questions about features on your Nikon and Canon cameras (she has written several guidebooks on those models). See, e.g., DSL Photography for Dummies – an excellent reference book with all tips well explained!   https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Photography-Dummies-Julie-Adair/dp/111960964X 
  • Late March on a Saturday – plans in the works for a LCC Picnic at Anchorage Park. 

If you have particular topics you want us to discuss at our club meetings, please reply by return email to Jeff Ornstein and Dina Biblin (LitigatorBarbie@comcast.net).


Dina Biblin, President

Lighthouse Camera Club