This Mornings Tour of Shiny Prints

Hello LCC members,

This morning about 20 members attended a tour of Shiny Prints by the owner Matt Dee.

The tour started in the lobby and Matt presented the various options and explained the different styles of metal surfaces and presentation options.

We then took a tour of the facility and Matt did a demo print and answered questions about the dye sub printing process they use.

Thank you Matt for the excellent demo!

Shiny prints has given our club a discount code please contact me at for the code.


Yesterdays Club Meet Up at the Juno Beach Pier

Hello LCC members,

Yesterdays meet up at the Juno Pier was great and quite a few that participated have posted some of their images in the Facebook group.

Here’s the link to our FB Group Page

If you are not on Facebook and attended the event send three of your best images sized 1200px Long Side at a resolution of 72ppi to


Steve daPonte


Palm Beach Zoo Club Meetup was Awesome!!!!

Hello LCC members,

Saturdays meet up at the Palm Beach Zoo was fantastic! We have been receiving some of our members images which are great!

There were about 50-60 members that attended.


  • If you attended and have not sent images you can send 5-10 images
  • sized at 1200PX on the long side with resolution of 72dpi
  • To  and  CC:
  • We will select photos for a poster that will be presented to the Palm Beach Zoo
  • I will create a Gallery Page for the images here on our website

Here is a Gallery of the images received as of today 1/23/18

2016 Zoo Trip Photos?

Lighthouse Camera Club Members,

An image gallery has been created here on our site. So far I have received images from Walter and Carolyn Schoellnast, Marilyn Nordic, Jean Mallows and Ruth Samuels. I know more than six members attended in fact it was a record turnout!

Here is your opportunity to share your 2016 Zoo Photos

Send 3-4 IMAGES AT 72 dpi WITH THE LONG SIDE AT 1000-1200 PIXELS.

Email the Images To:


Here are the images submitted as of January 23

Riverbend Park Meet Up ~ Send Me Your Images

Hi LCC Members,

If you attended the Riverbend Park meet up on May 16 please send 3-4 images sized 1200 on  the long side with a resolution of 72ppi (dpi) to



Here are a few of the images submitted